Roster of Experts - Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Applications to the roster are now closed. 

The Fund to End Violence Against Children is calling for a roster of experts to review proposals targeting the first priority area - online child sexual exploitation.   

The roster shall be representative of a wide range of expertise relevant to the Fund’s programmes, including in the following areas: policy and governance; criminal justice and victim support; social welfare; industry engagement; child safeguarding; and finance and budgeting.  Applicants should have relevant academic or professional qualifications with experience of both the subject matter and programme management where possible.  


Over time a roster of experts for each of the three priority areas will be established to contribute to a number of processes mandated by the Fund Steering Committee. Primarily, the roster will be drawn on to determine the programmatic merits of each funding proposal received and to make recommendations on funding to the Steering Committee through the Fund Unit.

The roster of experts is critical to the Fund as it:

  • Safeguards the independence of funding recommendations, and strengthens the accountability and transparency of the Fund’s decision making;
  • Provides assurances of programmatic work to be undertaken by grantees; and
  • Advises the Fund’s Steering Committee on funding applications, they are integral to the process of resource allocation.


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